OKMGMA Coffee Talk

  • 06/21/2023
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Tulsa County Medical Society



Join us for breakfast and a great message! 

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Speaker: Shawna Blake is a comedian, storyteller and educator. She recently gave a TedX talk on humor and delivers surprising and hilarious performances with calm confidence, a wink and finger guns. She brings a crowd along as if we were all close friends while she divulges embarrassing moments, private thoughts and personal victories. Her small town charm and cutting wit have delighted audiences across the region.

Science shows that laughter:

1.         May reduce blood pressure

2.         Can reduce anxiety and other negative emotions

3.         Is an immune booster

4.         Increases heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen consumption which are similar to what happens during exercise. So you’re getting a workout tonight.

5.         Laughter is good for your cardiovascular system.

6.         It calms stress hormones.

7.         And social laughter can relieve pain.

By the end of the breakfast, we hope everyone feels healthy and energized.

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